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Innova Long Arm Machine Sales

We are proud to announce that we are now a part of the Innova team. Starting in 2012, the Sew So Shop is the California and Nevada dealer and showroom for Innova Long Arms. We are very excited to be part of the Long Arm Company that is taking the long arm industry by storm. After doing extensive research on all of the long arms in the market... The incredibly user friendly Innovas were an easy choice. 

The Sew So Shop has 6 Long Arm in the store for you to demo, rent, or have your quilts completed on.

Our 2 26"s on a 12' frames are fully computerized and running daily to complete customers quilts.

The 22" is on a 12' frame and is available for demo and rental 6 days a week. 

The 18" on a 6' frame is also available for rent and demo.

We also have Navigator is the shop for you to demo.We also have the fabulous Innova sitdown as well.   

We tried to bring in a mix of all the machines and most the options available so you can get a good look at whats available to put together your perfect machine.

The Sew So Shop and Innova are dedicated to making your Long Arm purchase a good one. Innova is the only long arm company to offer 24/7 customer support. After your order is placed you will come here to the shop for 2-3 days of training depending on the machine you purchase.We want to make sure you know your machine inside and out before we deliver. We do not believe in dropping pallets full of parts on your door step and leaving you to figure it out from there. I will pre-assemble your frame in the shop and test your machine on our frames to insure everything is right before it even arrives at your house. When I delivery and set up your machine it's running like a top, and ready to quilt before I leave.

Come on into the shop to check out any or all of the machines or visit the Innova website at: