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Long Arm Quilting Service

Tired of trying to wrestle your quilt through your home sewing machine?? Bring it in to us and have and have it professionally done!

Quilting Services Our brand new, state of the art, Innova Long Arms, equipped with the only digital stitch regulator on the market today, put the perfect finishing touches on every quilt we do. With over 200 quilts completed last year alone, you can feel confident in trusting us with your projects. Our goal is to turn your beautiful quilt top into your perfect quilt.    

IMPORTANT!  Proper preparation of your quilt top and quilt back is essential to a good result, so please read the following instructions carefully! 


  • The three layers of your quilt will be loaded on the machine independently of one another. Please do not pin or baste them together.
  • The backing should measure at least eight inches longer and eight inches wider than your quilt top. For example, if your quilt measures 60" x 80", the batting and backing should measure at least 68" x 88".

Quilt Top

  • Press seams well. Be sure the top lies flat. Ripples and "puffy" places will not necessarily quilt flat. Take care that the borders do not ripple and wave.
  • The top should be free of embellishments such as buttons and beads.
  • Clip all loose threads and be sure the seams have been pressed.
  • A row of stay stitching, applied ¼ inch or less from the edge of the quilt, will prevent stretching and will keep seams that extend to the edges from separating..
  • If your quilt has a definite "head," and you think I might not recognize it, please apply a piece of masking tape to identify it.


  • We have multiple different types of batting available to meet all your needs.  Whether you like wool, cotton, polyester, or blends, we have them all in stock and are more than happy to go over the pluses and minuses of each so you can pick the batting that works best for you. You are also welcome to bring in your own backing if you prefer. 


·   Your quilt back should  be squared and pressed before bringing your quilt in .        



           We  have multiple types and colors of threads available to choose from. We are confident that we have any color needed to complete any and every quilt. Most of our threads are included in the price of the quilting, however, some do have a nominal cost. If we don't have the color you desire in an open spool, we will most likely have it available in a new spool... In that case we charge a small "corking" fee to open a new spool.    


We charge a flat rate of $.02 per square inch for edge to edge quilting.  To figure the cost of your quilt....  multiply the length times the width (to get the number of square inches) and then multiply number that by .02 This will give the edge to edge quilting price.